About us


We are a secondary school (10th – 13th grade), we are rooted in the Waldorf Educational System and we follow up the Waldorf elementary school programme (1st – 9th grade). However, we accept students from any kind of basic school. Our classes usually contain 40-50% Waldorf basic school alumni. Students finish with the state maturita exam.

We are a state school and we are established by the City of Prague, no tuition fee is required.

We are one of the best schools in Prague by the number of applicants and by the student results.


  • Our programme is based on a broad general knowledge basis together with professional and art courses, trainings and language exchange programmes.
  • We offer a general education with a nature science or humanistic specialization at 3rd of 4th grade which allows the student to pursue his focus.
  • The main subjects are taught in concentrated educational morning blocks called epocha. It is a continuous two hours block held every morning for 3 – 4 weeks dealing with one subject. We aim to focus and extend the presented knowledge and deepen the experience with the subject.
  • Regarding our final student reports – there will be a lot of reading involved because we use oral evaluation. On the other hand, you will not read a lot of text books. We prefer other sources of information.


Humanistic – focusing on Education, Psychology, Social Work and Communication
Nature science – focusing on Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

International cooperation

The large number of Waldorf schools all around the world offer a wide opportunity for international cooperation.
We possess many contacts with a large number of Waldorf school teachers from many different countries. The contacts were made through international seminars and trainings. Our school regularly hosts experienced Waldorf teachers and supervisors for long term stays. We can offer the contacts to our students for their international exchange ambitions.

Our school is a member of The European Council of Waldorf Schools composing of 500 institutions from 17 countries.


Střední škola – Waldorfské lyceum
Křejpského 1501/12
149 00 Praha 4 – Opatov

Czech Republic


Ing. Ivan Smolka
Tel.: 272 770 378,
E-mail: info[at]wlyceum.cz

Deputy Headmaster

Ing. Petr Jirout
Tel.: 272 770 378,
E-mail: p.jirout[at]wlyceum.cz